3 Benefits of Sliding Windows


If your old windows are about to give up the ghost, then you can simply go for a direct replacement. However, you have a golden opportunity now to improve how your windows work. It may make sense to switch to a new style. For example, if you currently have a sash or awning style and you aren't really happy with it, then you could put in sliding windows instead. What are the advantages of doing this?

5 March 2020

Choosing The Best Door Security Screens For Coastal Properties


A home by the sea is a lifelong dream for many people, but unfortunately, these picturesque coastal homes are just as vulnerable to burglars and other intruders as any other residential property. If your coastal home has a glass screen door, this can present a particularly inviting access point for intruders. Fitting security screens to your doors can make them much more secure and difficult to bypass. However, not all security screens are created equal, and some are much more suitable for use in coastal locations than others.

27 February 2020

Plantation Shutters: Three Definitive Reasons for Installing Plantation Shutters


If you are looking to update your windows, you should consider plantation shutters. They are a great way to give your house a new look. Plantation shutters provide a great alternative to blinds and curtains. Here are three reasons why you should install interior window shutters.   Low-Maintenance  Interior window shutters are low-maintenance. They do not require dry-cleaning as curtains and blinds do. You only need to dust them from time to time.

26 February 2020

3 DIY Methods to Get Rid of Old Tint on Your Automobile


Window films are not just an aesthetic feature but also have underlying benefits. For starters, window tinting reduces the heat inside your car, blocks harmful UV rays, protects the privacy of your car's interior. However, window films are only functional while they are operational. As they soon suffer from discolouration, bubbles or peeling around the edges, they begin to lose their appeal and functionality. When this happens, resist the urge to peel it off and instead use one of the three methods below for a clean extraction.

24 February 2020

4 Reasons Why Your Sliding Door Keeps Getting Stuck


One of the reasons you should seek sliding door repair services is the door getting stuck when you are opening or closing it. It's more than just an inconvenience, which is why you should not wait to schedule an assessment and have it repaired. Sticky doors may stem from one or more of several issues, including the following. 1. Door Alignment Problems Misalignment in your door track can cause your door to get stuck and calls for immediate sliding door repair.

20 February 2020

4 Critical Issues That Indicate It's Time to Hire a Sliding Door Replacement Service


Sliding doors offer you a continuous transition from your outdoors to your indoors. Furthermore, sliding glass doors ensure your home is lighter inside since they are transparent. They are mostly effortless to handle, but they may require some repairs or replacement.  These four common issues will help you know when it's time to consult a professional sliding door replacement service.  Stuck or Worn-Out Rollers When the sliding door rollers are in perfect condition, you can effortlessly and smoothly move the doors.

19 February 2020