Why Turn to Sliding Door Suppliers For Your Patio?


Although you could fit French doors to open up from your home onto your patio, it is often better to turn sliding doors suppliers instead. By fitting traditional glazed sliding patio doors instead of hinged ones, you will gain a number of advantages. In fact, the same benefits of buying glazed products from sliding doors suppliers will often apply even if you are considering bi-folding doors instead. What is it about sliding doors that make them so good for domestic patios? Read on to find out.

Good Home Security

Although sliding patio doors used to be supplied with rather flimsy locks in the past, this is no longer the case. Most sliding doors suppliers will produce patio doors that are secured into position at multiple locations around the frame. This makes them much harder to prise open than used to be the case a decade or so ago. If you compare the way in which sliding doors can now be secured to French doors, then they are often much more durable and trickier to force open. What's more, you can expect locks that are hard to pick and deadbolts, which means that access from the outside is almost impossible. As such, they tend to offer homeowners more peace of mind than other options.

Uninterrupted Vistas

It is important to add that sliding doors suppliers make glazed products that do not need a great deal of extraneous support. Because a sliding patio door is always sitting on its runners within the frame, there is not a great deal of need for additional strengthening around the glazing itself. By comparison, hinged doors need to be able to hold the weight of their glazed panels when they are opened without the doorway's framework to help. This often means more frame and less glazing which, in turn, cuts down on your view. Simply put, sliding patio doors tend to offer the most glass for the money with less to get in the way of your outlook when the doors are closed.

High-Quality at a Lower Cost

Because they are more straightforward to produce, sliding patio doors also tend to be cheaper than either bi-folding doors or sets of French doors. They have fewer components and moving parts, which means that good sliding doors suppliers will be able to offer you a high-quality set of doors without needing to break the bank. For this reason alone, many Australian homeowners prefer them to anything else.

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30 June 2021

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