All You Need To Know When Contemplating Bay Window Installation


When looking to replace the windows in your house, it may seem easy to simply change out the panes and install new glass, but this will not enhance the kerb appeal of your home. Since you will be engaging in a renovation project already, you should consider upgrading to specialty windows, and one great option that will automatically elevate the appearance of both your interior and exterior is bay windows.

These floor-to-ceiling windows are great if you want your new windows to take up an entire wall. Their expensiveness also ensures maximum natural light in your home and enhanced ventilation during the scorching summer. However, bay windows do come with a hefty price tag. To explain why they are worthwhile, here is all you need to know when contemplating bay window installation.

Pros of bay windows

Expand your interiors: One of the biggest benefits of bay windows is that they have the uncanny ability to make any space appear larger, making them perfect for cramped interiors. Additionally, since the bay windows allow you to get rid of a wall, they automatically add floor space and vertical space.

Enjoy energy savings: Modern homes are chock-full of a myriad of gadgets and appliances that consume a great deal of electricity. And if you are not serious about energy conservation in your home, your utility bills will be expensive continually. A massive advantage of bay windows is that they can diminish your reliance on artificial lighting, as they let you make the most of natural sunlight. Not only does this make your interiors better illuminated, but the increased lighting also works to make your interiors appear more spacious.

Decrease the risk of mould: The above-stated advantages that bay windows offer in the form of enhanced sunshine and increased ventilation also work to help reduce the risk of mould in your home. This scourge thrives in dark and moist environments, and Australia's humidity can make your interiors a perfect haven for the growth of spores. However, when you invest in bay window installation, you automatically provide your home with a degree of protection from mould.

How to maximise your bay window installation

There are several tips to consider if you want to make the most of your bay window installation. First, ensure the windows face the best vista of your landscape. You should also consider placing a window seat that matches the interior décor of your home under the bay window to create a cosy nook for relaxing or reading.

It is critical to ensure you double-glaze the bay windows so that they do not get extremely hot during the summer. Lastly, instead of curtains, opt for a window tint either in a solid colour or in a metallic finish to add some privacy to the windows.

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11 September 2020

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