5 Features That a Good Security Screen Door Must Have


A security screen door is always a good investment if you want to improve your home's security. But not all security screen doors are equal.

Consider a security screen door that has the following five features.

1. Corrosion resistance

A strong security screen door is made of a metal alloy such as steel or aluminium. These metals are strong enough to keep intruders at bay. But they must also be strong enough to keep corrosion at bay as well. One of the biggest issues for metal in Australia is corrosion, due to the close proximity of homes to the sea.

Make sure your security screen door is powder-coated. Powder coating provides metal alloys with added protection against corrosion. And aluminium already has natural corrosion resistance, which makes this a good choice, especially when powder coating is added to it.

2. Beauty and style

Some security screen doors simply don't suit the exterior design of the building they protect. Fortunately, many suppliers will customize your security screen door's design to suit your aesthetic needs. This will ensure your door is both beautiful and secure.

3. Strong hinges

The best security screen doors have tamper-proof hinges that keep technically-minded burglars at bay. These hinges should be extremely difficult to remove or budge. And a good security screen door should have three hinges, for added protection.

4. Tight seals

The seals around a security screen door are important too. Security screen doors also keep out pests like spiders and snakes. This means that a good security screen door should have a tight seal that can keep out small animals and pests, as well as burglars or suspicious persons.

5. Strong frame

Since most burglaries often start at the front door, your security screen door needs to be able to withstand whatever a burglar will try. Strong hinges are a start, but if the frame of the door is weak, then the door won't be able to withstand very much pressure if a burglar decides to kick it or attack it with a heavy object.

Be sure to ask your supplier about the strength of the frame before you decide to purchase, to ensure that you are getting a door that is as strong as you need.

Before you purchase a security screen door for your home, make sure that it has at least most of these features. That way, you can have security, longevity and beauty all in one door.


1 March 2021

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