Key Considerations Influencing the Choice of Outdoor Blinds


If you enjoy outdoor entertaining, you need to make your outdoor space comfortable, inviting and versatile. One way of doing it is installing outdoor blinds on a deck, a patio or a pergola. However, you need to understand that outdoor blinds can transform the décor of your entertainment space; therefore, you should not buy them on a whim. Your choice of blinds must be based on careful consideration because you will look at them every other day. If you buy the wrong blinds, you will waste resources by replacing them every few months. Here are key considerations to make when purchasing outdoor blinds.

Design Flow 

Although a patio, deck or pergola is outside the main home, it is still part of your property. Therefore, you should remember to research the available blinds options before making a purchase. Ideally, the outdoor blinds you install in your outdoor space should blend well with the architectural flow of your home. For instance, if your deck has small windows but you want to preserve the view of your swimming pool, drop-down blinds would be a perfect choice. However, if you have large windows or entry spaces, you need to go for panel blinds that feature movable sections, allowing you to open and close them easily.

Location of Outdoor Space 

The location of your outdoor space also determines your choice of blinds. Some homeowners build their outdoor space under a tree, while others construct it close to a fence. If your outdoor space is close to your house or fence, where it is protected from strong wind gusts, you can opt for blinds with relatively light fabric. However, the material must protect users from harmful ultraviolet rays. On the other hand, if your pergola is built under a tree, you need to be wary of fall leaves, branches and bird droppings. It means that the blinds you buy should be strong and washable for easy maintenance.

Know your Climate 

If you buy outdoor blinds the same way to purchase magazines or snacks, it is improbable that they will satisfy your needs. For example, you need to consider the climate of where you live. If your home is susceptible to severe weather, you need blinds to withstand the extreme conditions. For instance, black blinds should be the last thing to install in an outdoor space if you live in a hot region. It is because black fabrics absorb heat, which would make your patio or deck uncomfortable regardless of a cool breeze. Similarly, the best blinds for a homeowner who lives in a rainy region should be waterproof. The blinds should also have a zipper to help keep rainwater out of any outdoor space.


31 March 2021

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