The Plus Points of Sliding Patio Doors


If you want to enjoy direct access from your home out onto your patio area outside, then there are a number of different options available to you. For example, French doors are increasingly popular in Australia these days because they have a stylish yet timeless quality. Equally, you could opt for bi-folding doors which open up completely to make your patio seemingly part of your home's interior. However, there is something about the simplicity of glazed patio doors, along with the high-quality sliding door hardware that goes with them, which makes them the preferred choice in many people's eyes. Why should you turn to a sliding door hardware supply company when considering new or updated patio doors?

Improvements in Hardware Design

Firstly, sliding door hardware is much more reliable than it used to be. If you think about the sort of patio doors that were manufactured in the 1970s and 80s, then you may well remember them jamming and being cumbersome to move back and forth. These days, the sort of rollers and guidance rails you can expect from sliding door hardware suppliers are so much better that it will be virtually effortless to move your patio doors back and forth.

Thinner Frames

Another great thing about patio doors is that they often have very low-profile frames these days. This is a big advantage if you want to maximise the amount of glazing you have in your patio doors to improve light flow, for example. By contrast, bi-folding doors will very often require quite large frames to support the weight of the glass. However, with sliding patio doors, you do not need to worry so much, and consequently, the frames can be thinner. As a result, you should enjoy a better view of your garden when you are inside as well as an airier feel to your interior.

Augmented Security

Another important aspect of sliding door hardware to consider is security. Because patio doors often now have several anchor points for their locks, they are much better at keeping potential intruders than they used to be. Plus, most good sliding door hardware supply firms will be able to equip your patio doors with much more secure locking mechanisms. In the past, patio doors tended to have relatively weak tumbler locks that could be picked without too much trouble. This is no longer the case, and you can even upgrade your current locks relatively simply without having to replace the whole door.


1 March 2021

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