Security Door Buying Guide


Security doors are a sure way to enhance your home security. They are sturdy enough to withstand intruders and various physical elements. If you wish to purchase a security door, continue reading this extract for valuable insights. 

Type Of Door

From the onset, you must be particular about the type of security door you will install in your home. Most doors are made from steel or aluminium. Steel doors are sturdy, heavy and can withstand massive impact. However, they are prone to corrosion. Aluminium doors are not as strong as their steel counterparts. Nevertheless, these doors are resistant to corrosion. Both single and double security doors offer the same level of protection. Double doors are best suited when you have an expansive porch and need to make a statement. 

Door Features

Consider the following features when buying a security door: 

  • The security door should have high-quality deadbolts and mortise locks. Besides, it should easily integrate with additional security devices such as automatic door openers and restricted access systems.
  • A peephole lets you know who is at the door before opening it.
  • What type of hinges does the door have? Concealed welded pin hinges are difficult to break since intruders cannot access them from the outside.
  • If possible, you should go for powder coated doors. Powder coating improves the door's resistance to corrosion. Besides, the coating lasts longer than standard paint. 


Buying a security door does not mean you have to compromise on aesthetics. Security doors come in a wide range of colours and designs. Therefore, conduct some research to determine a design that suits your home. Most reputable companies will customise the door for you. As such, you can go for a custom design if the pre-made doors are not to your liking. 


The manufacturer is a critical aspect when buying a security door. Typically, you should conduct your due diligence to determine whether the security door is locally manufactured or imported. If the door is made by a local company, check whether the manufacturer is compliant with Australian standards for the manufacture of security doors. It guarantees that the product you purchase has undergone various tests to assess its strength and integrity. If the door is imported, evaluate customer reviews to determine the quality of the door. As a rule, your security door should have a manufacturer warranty. Some companies might offer free installation if you buy several doors. 

When buying a security door, determine a suitable type of door and assess the door's features, aesthetics and manufacturer. 


3 February 2022

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