The Benefits of Double Glazed Windows


Double glazed windows may be the norm these days but that sometimes means that people forget just how advantageous they are compared to old-fashioned, single-paned windows. If you are renovating your home and looking for a new set of windows to be fitted, then you should remember just how many benefits double glazed ones afford. What are the benefits of double glazing that you may not always realise are included when you have them installed?

Improved Insulation

Double glazing was first developed in the 1870s to make homes warmer in winter. By creating a near-vacuum between the two panes of glass in a double glazed unit, it is almost impossible for heat energy to transfer from the inner pane to the outer one. These days, double glazed windows are even more energy-efficient than the early units because there are improved seals that connect the panes of glass to the frame and the amount of heat that is transferred via the framework is also vastly reduced. In Australia, insulation isn't just important in the winter. Double glazing will also help to reduce your energy consumption in the summer months when it is hot outside because less of the sun's energy will be able to enter your home and heat it. As such, you will need to use your air-condition less often to stay cool inside.

Better Acoustic Dampening

When you have double glazed windows fitted to your property, less extraneous noise will be able to be heard when you are indoors. By shutting your windows, you can cut out most of the outside sounds that you would otherwise be able to hear. Single panes of glass do not have this acoustic dampening effect to anything like the same degree. Consequently, if you live anywhere that is noisy, such as on a busy roadway or close to an airport, for example, fitting double glazed windows will make a great deal of sense.

Feel Safer Inside

When you are in your home or business premises, feeling safe is important. Crucially, double glazed windows help people to feel better safeguarded because it is harder to break into than single panes of glass. Double glazing is tougher and more durable than other types of windows, especially when it is fitted with modern locks that cannot be picked from the outside. Fitting double glazed windows won't mean it is impossible to break in, but it will make it less likely as burglars tend to target the easiest places to break into. Therefore, you are more likely to feel safer after having them fitted.

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14 October 2021

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