Benefits Of Leadlight Doors In The Home


If you're looking for a design feature to ramp up the decorative nature of your home, you need to look no farther than leadlight doors. Whether at the entrance or internally between rooms, these doors provide several benefits as outlined below. 

Creates A Sense Of Openness

A solid opaque door forms a definite boundary in a room or home. You only need to consider how leaving an internal or entrance door open creates a sense of airiness and light. You can achieve some of this effect—even with closed doors—by installing glass leadlight models. By allowing diffused light to flow through, they suggest distance and space. Glass leadlight provides the ideal solution, particularly for dark or narrow hallways. These doors might not allow the same brightness as an open entrance, but the translucent panels will definitely help as you can't leave a front door open permanently. 

Offers Design Versatility

A wide variety of leadlight doors are on offer, allowing you to harmonise the design with virtually any decor. In an art deco home, you could choose a geometric fan shape motif, or in a contemporary home, you might favour Australiana themes of kookaburras and bushland or else minimal designs of simple squares. Rather than going with what's available, you could design a custom leadlight door. By personalising the glazing patterns, you'll ensure that your home will be a unique expression of your creativity. 

Can Stand Out Or Blend In

With your selections, you can either create a focal point with the doors or else blend them unobtrusively into the surrounds. Consider the hues and motifs elsewhere in the decor against which to contrast or blend. For instance, in a neutrally toned room, create a stand-out feature with a colourful door full of vivid reds and greens. So that the glass doesn't look out of place, repeat those accent hues elsewhere in small quantities, for example, on a cushion or lamp. Alternatively, instil soft, subtle colours within the door to blend it into a neutrally coloured room.

Improves Your Home's Facade

A leadlight entrance door not only enhances your home from inside, but it adds beautiful decorative detail to the facade. The colourful glass and lead piping tend to stand out from more straightforward and heavy-cladding materials, preventing your home from looking dull and monotonous. Thus, when picking the glazing hues, consider how the door will look from the street and from inside.

For more information about leadlight doors, contact a professional. 


9 April 2020

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