Other Than Sunlight, Skylights Offer So Much More


When most people think about installing a skylight, it is usually because of the extra sunlight they want to bring into a room. Some places in a home or office building are simply not suited to more windows. You may have neighbouring buildings or trees that block out light, for example. You could also be restricted as to where you can place glazing according to the local planning regulations, for example, if it meant that you would be able to invade someone else's privacy by the addition of a window. In such circumstances, a skylight is the answer.

Because they are positioned overhead, they cause few privacy concerns. What's more, since they face upwards, they collect much more sunlight than a typical, vertically installed window would. What other benefits do skylights afford?

  • Better Ventilation

It is often overlooked, but it is possible to open a glazing unit just as easily when it is fitted to a roof as it would be with a conventional window. All you need to do is to reach up, usually with a pole, to unclip the bottom of a skylight and it can be opened fully. Many will also allow you to open them just a little so you can continue to enjoy lots of ventilation even if it happens to be rainy outside.

  • Convenient Roof Access

Some people need to get onto their roof for maintenance. Perhaps you have a flat roof that needs to be swept clear of leaves once in a while? Maybe you have a garden roof where you grow plants or that provides your home with some green insulation? In such circumstances, a skylight will act as a portal to your roof allowing you to get onto it safely from the middle so you don't stray too close to the edge. Many people find this is preferable to climbing up ladders to clear out their guttering, for instance.

  • Improved Well-Being

Few people doubt the benefits that living in a light and airy environment afford. Many psychological studies have shown that dark and dingy places of work, as well as residences, can have a negative impact on our moods and overall mental health. Where it is not possible to install a window for practical reasons, skylights are the ideal alternative. Not only do they give you a framed picture of the sky above, but they will help to raise your spirits upwards, too.


25 March 2020

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