How Double Glazed Windows Keep Your Home Cooler And Quieter


Most people have heard the term 'double glazed' in reference to windows before but without really understanding what it means. The term is a bit confusing considering the only other item that is commonly referred to as being glazed are cakes and doughnuts. Double glazed windows are very different from pastries and they can totally revolutionise your homes heating and noise insulation. There are a few key reasons why double glazed windows are better than a traditional window design. Here is a quick rundown of what makes double glazed windows so good.

So What Does Glaze Mean?

It may be confusing but glazing actually refers to any part of the wall/window made out of glass. Double glazed windows refer to the fact that there are two different layers of glass present in this design. These layers of glass are separated by a tiny space in between that is normally filled with an inert gas, often argon. The term glaze is not just reserved for the physical window either. Someone who works with windows is often referred to as a glazier. In that sense, the phrase is a little bit awkward and its best substitute in the case of double glazed windows is glass (i.e.double glassed windows).

What Does This Design Do?

The reason behind double glazing windows in Australia is normally twofold:

  1. The two glass panes sandwiching argon gas is far better insulation than a traditional, single-pane window. Argon gas conducts temperature far worse than air which means that it takes longer for the outside temperature to affect your homes internal temperature. That keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  2. The two glass panes and argon layer also insulate sound. This is great for households that like blasting music loud or simply don't want their neighbours to hear their every conversation. If you value your privacy then double glazed windows are the best option for you. 

Is There Any Special Maintenance Needed?

It could be easy to get freaked out by hearing words like argon and inert gas being thrown around but the windows are totally sealed and those gasses are not dangerous to humans in such small quantities anyway. Double glazed windows don't need any special care other than a good clean every few weeks. If they do get damaged then they will need a special glazier to fix them, but apart from that, there is no extra effort needed to look after your double glazed windows. 

For more information on double glazed windows, reach out to window professional today. 


20 March 2020

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