Why Choose Aluminium for Window and Door Frames?


All over Australia, people are fitting new double glazing units to their home to offer better thermal insulation, to provide less noise ingress and to improve the appearance of their house. Of course, there are plenty of different framing materials you can choose for double glazed windows as well as doors. Typically, UPVC is chosen because it is a relatively inexpensive material. Wood is a traditional choice but is not so long-lasting. These days, more and more frequently, double glazed windows and doors are being manufactured with aluminium frames. What makes this such a good framing material for new fenestration units?

Extra security

When you use a robust metal for double glazed doors, it makes it much harder for would-be intruders to force their way in. Even if you have left a window that is made from aluminium open, but locked so that you home can aerate, then most people would struggle to prise the frame away even when using a crowbar to gain leverage. True, you can always smash a pane of glass. However, double glazed windows are tougher than you might think, especially when they are firmly anchored in durable aluminium frames.

A fantastic look

Although people have been installing aluminium frames for windows and doorways for about a century, the material still has a very modern look. The silvery finish of a length of extruded aluminium is attractive in its own right. Some people like it in this natural state but you can add clear lacquer to it if wanted since this helps to prevent accidental scratching. Alternatively, a resin coating will allow you to have your aluminium frames in any colour you like. This is commonly applied by a process known as powder coating which offers a very even finish.

Enjoy more sunlight

One of the key properties of aluminium as a framing material is that it can deal with the stress of the weight of glass it will hold very well. As it is so strong, you can make larger windows while opting for lower profile frames at the same time. The result is that it will allow more light into your home, of course. Importantly, aluminium can handle very large expanses of glass, even when you are talking about twin panes as with double glazed windows. Architects often specify aluminium frames for exactly this reason—they have the strength needed to cope with the size of double glazing their designs often call for.


19 March 2020

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