Outdoor Blinds: What Material?


Outdoor blinds are significantly different from blinds used indoors. One of the main differences between blinds meant for outdoor use and those designed for indoor use is the level of exposure to destructive elements such as the outdoor light.

For this reason, outdoor blinds need to be made of a material that is sturdier for it to have proper resistance to damage as a result of constant exposure. Find out which material is best for your outdoor blinds in the below post.

Natural Wood

Natural wood is perhaps one of the most common materials used in blind fabrication. It is mainly preferred for the beautiful look that natural wood is known for. That said, it is important to point out that blinds made of natural wood are not the best choice for your outdoor blinds. This is because natural wood is highly vulnerable to damage as a result of exposure to water or moisture.

Natural wood rots, warps and shrinks when exposed to water or moisture for extended periods of time. For this reason, it is not a desirable material for outdoor blinds because outdoor blinds are constantly exposed to rain and humidity. Therefore, you will need to repair or replace your outdoor blinds quite often if they are made of natural wood.

Faux Wood

Faux wood is also a material commonly used for the fabrication of blinds. It is referred to as faux wood because the material is made to have the appearance of natural wood, yet it is actually plastic.

Faux wood is also not the best material for outdoor blinds because plastic is known to expand and contract to a great extent when exposed to constant heat. This is often referred to as thermal expansion. Because outdoor blinds receive heat directly from the sun, faux wood is not the best material for outdoor blinds because the plastic material used to make the blinds will expand and contract involuntarily, which can easily lead to misalignment on your outdoor blinds.

However, it is important to point out that blinds made out of PVC are the most affordable on the market.


Aluminium and steel are the most commonly used metals for blind fabrication. Metal is the best material for outdoor blinds because aluminium and steel do not expand and contract as easily as PVC, and they are not as susceptible to moisture damage as natural wood. Therefore, they are the best material for residential outdoor blinds.

Speak to blinds providers to learn more about your options.


13 March 2020

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