4 Ways That Sliding Doors Can Benefit a Large Family With Children and Pets


A large household that includes children and pets is a hive of activity. Space is at a premium, accidents are never far away and moving around the home is sometimes more challenging than it should be — especially when you or your children have friends over. But what if you replaced your standard doors with sliding doors? Would that help? It most certainly would.

Sliding doors are ideal for busy homes with pets and children.

1. Means Less Chance of Pets and Children Getting Locked Out

One of the biggest risks of standard doors, especially to your outdoor areas, is that you might accidentally lock your children or pets out — or in for that matter! Because doors can blow shut, and they offer less visibility, the risk of lockouts is high.

This problem is non-existent with sliding doors, however, Not only do sliding doors offer visibility, but they won't blow shut and lock your pets or children out.

2. Allows for Easy Access During Family Gatherings

With standard doors, even keeping them open takes up some of your valuable walking and moving space. During family gatherings, when children are bouncing about and pets are whizzing around excitedly, standard doors are inconvenient. On the other hand, sliding doors open up your spaces whenever you need them to. Sliding doors allow for a constant flow of movement during parties.

3. Makes Moving Furniture More Manageable

When you need to move large items of furniture throughout your home, doors can get in the way. As a result, even just moving a sofa from one room to the next can leave your paint scuffed and your furniture scratched. But since you can slide furniture through a sliding door without worrying too much about the angle of approach, moving furniture is far easier.

4. Keeps Children Safe From Swinging Doors

A huge safety issue with standard doors is how they swing. With young children running around your home, doors can become moving obstacles that cause children to trip and fall. However, with sliding doors, you can leave them open throughout your home to open up the space for children to play in safely.

And because modern sliding glass doors are made of tempered glass, they are very hard to break. Moreover, they won't shatter into sharp pieces if broken.

Are your standard doors taking up too much space in your home? Would you like to open up your home's spaces more? Then invest in some sliding doors. Your children and pets will be able to roam freely and safely — with your supervision of course.

Speak to your local sliding doors suppliers to learn more.


13 March 2020

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