3 Benefits of Sliding Windows


If your old windows are about to give up the ghost, then you can simply go for a direct replacement. However, you have a golden opportunity now to improve how your windows work. It may make sense to switch to a new style.

For example, if you currently have a sash or awning style and you aren't really happy with it, then you could put in sliding windows instead. What are the advantages of doing this?

1. Get Better Space Management

If your current windows open outward, then they need space to open into. They can create obstructions in certain situations if they don't have enough clearance around them.

For example, if you have a tree or shrub close to a window that opens outward, then you might not be able to open the window fully.

Or, a ground floor window might turn into a hazard when it is open. If a window opens straight on your garden and your kids are running around, one of them might run into the window and hurt themselves.

Sliding windows don't need any clearance room. They work inside their frame and don't open out. They have no external space requirements and won't be a safety hazard.

2. Get More Control

Some windows are easier to control than others. For example, an awning window will open easily enough, but it can also easily blow closed if it is windy. It is sometimes hard to get a sash window open at just the right height for your needs.

Sliding windows move horizontally from side to side. So, you get more precise control over how much the window opens. You can open it a crack if you just want a little air in the room or you can open it fully on warmer days.

A sliding window also won't slam shut, no matter how windy it gets outside. Its side-to-side motion keeps it in place.

3. Get Fewer Maintenance Jobs

Some window systems are more complicated than others. They need more parts to make them work.

For example, sash windows can contain weights, a cord or chain, a pulley system, and, sometimes, special hinges. A window needs all these parts to open and close correctly.

The more parts a window has, the more likely it is to develop problems down the line. You may need to do regular maintenance or repair work on it.

Sliding windows don't have this problem. The only parts they have are rollers that move them along the track in the frame. These rollers don't tend to develop problems so you won't have to worry about the window not working.

To find out more about installing sliding windows in your home, contact local window companies.


5 March 2020

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