Choosing The Best Door Security Screens For Coastal Properties


A home by the sea is a lifelong dream for many people, but unfortunately, these picturesque coastal homes are just as vulnerable to burglars and other intruders as any other residential property. If your coastal home has a glass screen door, this can present a particularly inviting access point for intruders. Fitting security screens to your doors can make them much more secure and difficult to bypass.

However, not all security screens are created equal, and some are much more suitable for use in coastal locations than others. If you are looking to fit security screens to the screen doors of your coastal home, keep the following guidelines in mind while you compare screens to ensure the ones you choose are suitable:

Only choose security screens that meet national standards

To be legally sold as a security screen, a newly manufactured screen must pass a variety of tests designed to emulate the methods burglars use to break into properties. To ensure your new security screens meet these stringent national standards, you should only choose screens that meet Australian Standard AS5039-2008. Fortunately, screens that meet this standard will usually clearly advertise this fact as a useful selling point. Buying your screens from a reputable security screen company should ensure you don't end up with a substandard product.

Avoid materials vulnerable to corrosion

One of the tests that security screens are subjects to in order to meet this standard is a salt spray test, which measures how vulnerable the screen is to corrosion caused by salt spray and airborne salt particles. As you can imagine, this test is particularly relevant if you have a coastal property, since your new screen door will almost certainly be bombarded with salt-laden air 24 hours a day.

As long as your chosen security screens meet the Australian Standard, they should be able to resist salt spray-induced corrosion for many years. However, many steel security screens meet this standard because of their rustproof surface coatings and will become vulnerable to rusting once this coating wears away.

For added peace of mind, consider investing a little extra in an aluminium or stainless steel security screen for your screen door. These screens are inherently rustproof, even after many years of use, and stainless steel screens boast all the incredible strength and durability of conventional steel screens. 

Don't forget about wind resistance

Salt spray isn't the only environmental hazard your new security screens will have to deal with. They will also have to withstand gale-force winds blowing in from the open ocean, so any screen you choose must be rated to resist high winds without buckling, breaking or coming loose of their mountings. Wind-resistant security screens are particularly vital for cliffside properties and other coastal properties that receive very little natural shelter from the elements.

To learn more, reach out to companies that provide security screens.


27 February 2020

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