3 DIY Methods to Get Rid of Old Tint on Your Automobile


Window films are not just an aesthetic feature but also have underlying benefits. For starters, window tinting reduces the heat inside your car, blocks harmful UV rays, protects the privacy of your car's interior. However, window films are only functional while they are operational. As they soon suffer from discolouration, bubbles or peeling around the edges, they begin to lose their appeal and functionality. When this happens, resist the urge to peel it off and instead use one of the three methods below for a clean extraction.

Heat Gun

Removing the film from your car window would be a very difficult process without heat. Heat tends to loosen up the window film glue for easy peeling. A heat gun or a hairdryer can be used as the source of heat when using this technique. Set your heat gun to the maximum and direct the hot air towards the tint film, staying two inches away from the window surface at all times. Slowly peel the curled-up corners while directing hot air between the glass and tint film.

Soap and Newspapers

Newspapers are handy not only for delivering news but also for many DIY solutions, including tint removal. For this method, you will need a soap solution inside a spraying bottle. Wet the tint film on your vehicles just enough for the newspapers to hold on to and spray more soap solution. Let it soak for around one hour, adding soapy water every fifteen minutes. The tint should have adhered to the newspaper and you can now peel off the newspaper and film carefully using a razor blade.

Steam Cleaning

For this method, ready your fabric steamer. The fabric steamer is meant to work on the same principles as the hairdryer above. Like the hairdryer, position the fabric steamer close to the window surface but only one inch away for some time. The heat will melt the glue and allow you to remove the film. Slowly peel back the film as you continue to direct the steam at the intersection between film and glass.

No matter what method you use, removing window film will inadvertently leave glue residue on your window surface, which doesn't look good. Fortunately, the glue comes off easily by reapplying heat using a heat gun, using commercially available adhesive removers or using the same old soapy water. Even after scraping and removing all the adhesive residue, chances are your car windows do not look as pristine as they should. Cap the whole process with a glass cleaner and some towels to wipe for a silky-smooth finish. You can also contact automotive window tinting services if you need a replacement tint for your windows. 


24 February 2020

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