4 Reasons Why Your Sliding Door Keeps Getting Stuck


One of the reasons you should seek sliding door repair services is the door getting stuck when you are opening or closing it. It's more than just an inconvenience, which is why you should not wait to schedule an assessment and have it repaired.

Sticky doors may stem from one or more of several issues, including the following.

1. Door Alignment Problems

Misalignment in your door track can cause your door to get stuck and calls for immediate sliding door repair. The repair will involve lifting the door and positioning it back to the centre of the track.

Avoid slamming your doors and you can prevent misalignment problems that require you to call back the sliding door repair technicians.

2. Blocked Tracks

When dirt and other debris get stuck in the tracks of your sliding door, it will not operate as smoothly. Clearing away the dirt is all it takes to get your door back into top shape.

It's worth noting that the work involved does not exactly fall into the sliding door repair category. You can do the cleaning by yourself, or you can have the technician do it for you as they handle other issues that your sliding door may have.

Ensure that you give your sliding door a thorough clean every couple of weeks to avoid a build-up of debris around the tracks.

3. Roller Problems

If the rollers that move your door along the tracks are clogged up or dried up, then your sliding door will not move as smoothly. Cleaning out the rollers and ensuring they are well lubricated should fix the problem.

On the other hand, if the rollers are damaged or otherwise broken, then replacing them will do so much for your sliding door repair efforts. In some instances, readjusting the rollers instead of replacing them is sufficient.

4. A Worn-Out Door

Your sliding door may simply be too worn out from years of service. You will realise that even after applying the already outlined fixes, the door doesn't operate as smoothly.  If this is the case, then the best and possibly the only sliding door repair to consider is a full replacement.

One of the inherent advantages of sliding doors is how easy they are to operate. Unfortunately, the exact opposite becomes a reality when your door becomes stuck. Explore these sliding door repair options to get back to that smooth operation.


20 February 2020

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