4 Critical Issues That Indicate It's Time to Hire a Sliding Door Replacement Service


Sliding doors offer you a continuous transition from your outdoors to your indoors. Furthermore, sliding glass doors ensure your home is lighter inside since they are transparent. They are mostly effortless to handle, but they may require some repairs or replacement.  These four common issues will help you know when it's time to consult a professional sliding door replacement service

Stuck or Worn-Out Rollers

When the sliding door rollers are in perfect condition, you can effortlessly and smoothly move the doors. However, when the doors get stuck, or when you must use more force to move them, then there is some impediment. Another possible cause for stuck rollers is dirt that accumulates in the rollers over time to cause the issue. You can fix the problem quickly by cleaning the rollers, but it can be more beneficial to hire a sliding door replacement service for cracked, rusted or bent rollers. 

Improper Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment in the track ensures your sliding door functions correctly. However, there are moments when the rollers detach from the track when the screws become loose or fall off with time. You may attempt fixing this problem by tightening the screws or contacting a sliding door replacement service to attach new ones. 

Damaged Tracks

Due to wear and tear, you may see bending or bowing in the door tracks over time. This bending may occur either inwards (towards the floor) or outwards (facing up). You may use pliers to bend an inward curve into place, while you may use a plier and a hammer to hit the outward curve back into place. However, if you are unsure of this, consider calling a professional sliding door replacement service to handle the work. 

Broken Glass Door Panes

Sometimes the use of excessive force can break the sliding door glass. Repairing this problem is challenging since you'll need to remove the seal around the pane and clear off the leftover glass pieces. This task is highly risky and takes more of your time. If done improperly, it can lead to further damage to the door and put you in harm's way. For this reason, you must leave this task to experienced sliding door replacement experts.

Final Thoughts

Sliding door replacement and repairs can be affordable and straightforward to accomplish. But some things, as discussed above, can be dangerous and complicated. Therefore, you must consider the risks, costs and time involved before trying DIY maintenance. Always seek expert advice from sliding door replacement services.


19 February 2020

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